Brand guide

letou乐投网-乐投letou下载app-apple app store brand personality - guides the tone and style of everything we do.

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Writing/Voice guide

So what exactly is the letou乐投网-乐投letou下载app-apple app store voice? Great question. It’s the expression of our brand’s personality and identity. It’s who we are, in writing.

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Trademark Guide

If you have received permission from letou乐投网-乐投letou下载app-apple app store to use any letou乐投网-乐投letou下载app-apple app store Trademarks, please refer to the quick reference guide and usage requirements available on the trademark page of our website.

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Roboto is an open source font that possesses simplicity, versatility, and works effectively in a wide array of different use cases, environments, and languages.

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Color palette

Your goal should be to make the strongest statement with deliberate and controlled use of color.

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Frame Assets

The Frame is a new graphic element inspired by the Slab that can be applied directly to photos or used as an accent graphic element in presentations, signage, and other materials.

Download Frame assets pack
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Beam Guidance

The Edge Line has evolved into, the Beam. Usage of the Beam is relatively the same as the Edge Line but has added flexibility and guidance. The Beam is used for content emphasis, separation, and structure.

Download the Beam Reference Guide
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They serve as a common visual language and bridge language gaps. Done right, they're instantly recognizable and perfect to use when space is valuable and content is abundant.

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