Benefits & Wellness

Nurture your well-being

At 22bet中文-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-22bet中文欢迎您有限公司, we care about your well-being, as a team member and as part of our community. You’ll have the everyday resources you need to do your best work and be able to leave pressures from the outside world behind. This is a place where you can be your best self while taking the best care of yourself.

Know you’ve made the right decision to Join Our Journey from day one

Take home a competitive compensation package plus have the chance to earn bonuses as well as other rewards for a job well done.

Take care of your health & wellness with more personalized benefits options

Live the healthiest and happiest life possible with resources to care for your physical, mental and emotional health.  

Select from extensive care options to create a customized benefits plan that suits your specific needs. Plus, benefit from other resources such as a company-paid-for premium membership to Headspace and access to BurnAlong wellness classes.

Discover the benefits of having professional & personal enrichment opportunities

Enjoy a well-rounded, fulfilling career experience while you’re on your 22bet中文-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-22bet中文欢迎您有限公司 journey. Join one of our inclusion groups where you’ll find opportunities to engage and collaborate with team members who have similar interests, backgrounds or experiences. Or, master new skills through one of our in-depth learning programs, such as Google Cloud certification and LinkedIn Learning.

Create your optimal lifestyle

Maintain a work/life balance that fits your journey and is supported with considerable paid time off to recharge as well as the flexibility to coordinate your work schedule while managing life’s day-to-day activities.  

Enjoy flexible work options

Our Work from Anywhere arrangement offers opportunities to work remotely, on 22bet中文-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-22bet中文欢迎您有限公司 premises or with a blended approach.  

Be appreciated for your efforts and the work you do

It’s always nice when someone reaches out to say, “Thank you.” At 22bet中文-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-22bet中文欢迎您有限公司, team members have a chance to show their appreciation through our “Say Thanks” program. Not only do you receive gratitude for your efforts, but you also collect points with each official “Say Thanks” that can be redeemed for tangible rewards.

Find benefits specific to your region  

While 22bet中文-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-22bet中文欢迎您有限公司 works to support all of our team members and families globally, some benefits vary based on local laws, cultural needs and regional team preferences. For 22bet中文-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-22bet中文欢迎您有限公司’s U.S. based team members, United Healthcare creates and publishes machine-readable files containing medical cost information and price comparison tools. This information can be accessed through this link:

Discover a world of opportunities