Direct Travel recommits to innovative multi-year agreement with 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – May 23, 2023 – 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), a leading software and technology provider powering the global travel industry, today announced a new multi-year agreement with Direct Travel. Direct Travel is a long-standing 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 customer and utilizes its full suite of agency offerings, including 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 Red 360 and Agency Managed Commission. Direct Travel also worked with 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 to develop Red Apps within the 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 Red 360 product to improve efficiencies.

Direct Travel CFO, John Coffman says, “We have a long-standing partnership with 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人, built on mutual collaboration and trust. Our relationship with 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 is key to our success and projected growth for years to come. 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 helps us address many aspects of our business – driving revenue, reducing costs, and improving our efficiency.”

澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人’s technology strategy makes it easier for agency staff to find content and customize offers that travelers expect. Coffman adds, “In an industry where it’s common for clients to feel like just another number, personalization is our true differentiator.” This new agreement enables Direct Travel to complement services for customers worldwide, drive efficiencies and support economic growth by leveraging Direct Travel proprietary technologies along with 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人’s travel marketplace.

“Direct Travel is one of the most respected TMCs in North America and around the world, providing corporate travel, meetings and events, and leisure services,” says Andy Finkelstein, senior vice president of agency sales for 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 Travel Solutions. “Our work together allows Direct Travel to service their customers with confidence knowing 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 continues to deliver the content they need in such a complex environment. We are excited to serve as their strategic technology partner where they will continue to have full access to 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人’s leading technology and broad travel content.” 

Direct Travel has access to 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人’s marketplace of more than 400 airlines, 1.6 million lodging options, and hundreds of tour operators, rail, car rental and cruise providers, to sell customized travel packages from suppliers around the world.


About 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 Corporation
澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 Corporation is a leading software and technology company that powers the global travel industry, serving a wide range of travel companies including airlines, hoteliers, travel agencies and other suppliers. The company provides retailing, distribution and fulfilment solutions that help its customers operate more efficiently, drive revenue and offer personalized traveller experiences. Through its leading travel marketplace, 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 connects travel suppliers with buyers from around the globe. 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人’s technology platform manages more than $260B worth of global travel spend annually. Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, USA, 澳门24小时网址多少-5524澳门24小时线路网址网址是多少-apple app store-爱问知识人 serves customers in more than 160 countries around the world. For more information visit

About Direct Travel, Inc.
Direct Travel is a leading provider of corporate travel management services. The company has been providing travel management for over 40 years, working with clients to develop highly customized travel programs. By leveraging both the expertise of its people and innovative solutions, Direct Travel enables clients to derive the greatest value from their travel program in terms of superior service, progressive technologies and significant cost savings. Direct Travel has offices in over 70 locations across North America and the UK and is currently ranked 11th on Travel Weekly’s Power List. For more information, visit