DSL Travel renews and expands long-term relationship with pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store to support aggressive expansion plans

The international ticketing wholesaler will be using pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store’s technology to forge new customer and partner relationships, and further extend geographic reach

SINGAPORE and Jakarta, INDONESIA,   – April 20, 2023 – pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), a leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, today announced a long-term renewal, and expanded agreement, with one of Indonesia’s largest and fastest growing travel agencies. Jakarta-headquartered DSL Travel will continue to be part of pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store’s extensive Global Distribution System (GDS), as well as supporting wider growth in the Indonesian travel market through pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store’s intuitive agency workflows. 

DSL Travel will continue to access pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store’s marketplace of over 400 airlines, 750,000 hotel properties, and hundreds of tour operators, rail, car, and cruise providers, providing opportunities to create and sell personalized packages for individual, and groups of, travelers. Through pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store’s browser-based pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store Red Web workspace, DSL will also be giving its expanding network of sub-agencies the ability to conduct business anytime and anywhere, while ticket issuance is centrally managed and controlled by the wholesaler.  

“As Indonesia renews its focus on quality tourism, it is vital that we have the right technology to create significant growth opportunities for our own business, for our agency partners, and across the wider Indonesian travel ecosystem,” said Doni Usman, director and owner of DSL Travel. “Through pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store’s GDS, we can ensure we have seamless access to the industry-leading content needed to create the experiences our travelers want, while using the pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store Red Web agency workspace to exponentially expand our own network of travel agencies.” 

Founded a decade ago, DSL Travel offers comprehensive travel services, including international and domestic airline ticketing and hotel reservations, custom-made corporate and leisure tour packages, and airport transfers, as well as specializing in Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage packages.  

“Our renewed and enriched agreement with DSL Travel is a testament to their confidence in pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store, our technology, and our expertise, to support them in their ambitious growth plans,” said Brett Thorstad, Vice President, pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store Travel Solutions, Agency Sales, Asia Pacific. “We’re excited to continue to be part of DSL’s transformative journey as they enter their second decade, and we look forward to enabling them to grow their business, create enhanced traveler experiences, and expand their reach within, and outside of, Indonesia, through our advanced technology and the pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store marketplace.” 


About DSL Travel  

DSL Travel is solely managed by Doni Usman with 30 years of experience in various airlines and travel agencies – worldwide, namely, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Kuwait Airways and Lufthansa City Center. Doni Usman has successfully been awarded as top supporter for various airlines; Top 1 for Etihad Airways (5 consecutive years), Top 1 for Oman Air (2 consecutive years), Top 1 for Qatar Airways (conventional agent), Top 10 for Emirates, Top Agent for Saudia (FIT market), Top Agent for Malaysia Airlines, Top Agent for Kuwait Airways, and Top Agent for Royal Brunei Airlines. 


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