South East Travel signs strategic, long-term technology agreement with SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 to drive operational efficiency and support business expansion

The agreement expands upon South East Travel’s partnership with SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司, using SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司’s advanced technology to drive growth while meeting evolving traveler expectations

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – May 11, 2023 – SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR),a leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, today announced a long-term technology renewal with one of Taiwan’s biggest travel agencies. The agreement means that South East Travel will continue to benefit from advanced SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 solutions to support business expansion.  

South East Travel has chosen to continue to deploy an extensive suite of SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 products, including SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 Red 360, which unlocks a full spectrum of bookable content to enable agents to create, sell, and service tailored trip experiences. The Taipei-headquartered agency is also using SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司’s Ticket Express, Automated Exchanges, Automated Refunds, and Bargain Finder Max. It will continue to use SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 technology to automate repetitive tasks, increase productivity, reduce operational costs, understand customer preferences, and help agents to create optimum offers for both leisure and corporate travelers.  

“We’re delighted to extend and expand upon our strategic technology agreement with SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司,” said Joe Huang, General Manager, Ticketing Division of South East Travel. “SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 has been our valued travel technology provider for more than 30 years, and we’ve already seen the benefits to our own business, and to our travelers, brought by a combination of technology and local support. It is essential for us to have continued seamless access to the advanced SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 solutions we need to support our business expansion plans.” 

South East Travel was established more than 60 years ago. The group’s services include domestic and international group travel, independent travel, air tickets, cruises, and business travel. It has more than 70 outlets across Taiwan, China, Japan and the United States.  

“As Taiwan accelerates its recovery to pre-pandemic levels, we’re thrilled that SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 products will continue to support South East Travel so it can play an important role in the recovery and growth of the travel ecosystem in Taiwan, and beyond,” said Brett Thorstad, vice president, SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 Travel Solutions, agency sales – Asia Pacific. “This strategic agreement will support South East Travel to meet its diverse customer needs while scaling its business, and is a testament to its confidence in SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司, and the ability of our advanced technology and our team to drive agency growth.”  

“Given the long-term relationship between South East Travel and SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 Taiwan, we are incredibly excited by this expanded cooperation between the two companies. SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 Taiwan will continue to work with South East Travel to optimize their operational efficiency and business growth with SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司’s automation solutions and localized products as well as our rapid and high quality service level,” added Simon Lee, General Manager, SBet实博体育-权威体育用品认证-appleappstore排行榜-SBet实博体育科技有限公司 Taiwan. 


About South East Travel   
South East Travel, headquartered in Taipei, was established in April 1, 1961. As a leading travel agency in Taiwan, South East Travel provides a full spectrum of travel-related services including inbound, outbound, ticketing, group, wholesaler, online and corporate business. All businesses are serviced by a highly professional team with years of experience to deliver highest service standard for their customers. In its 62-year span, South East Travel has won several leading airline awards as well as a top agency award in 2019 

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